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Drama, Korte film, Lange speelfilm, Televisie drama / Dramaserie

Raf Claes

keywords: dop, gaffer, colorist

Raf Claes SBC - Director of Photography - Colorist

Raf Claes is an experienced Director of Photography based in Belgium.
An extensive lighting knowledge and a creative cinematic eye are the key factors in his work and approach.

Even at a younger age Raf experienced that lighting and photography would take a special place in his life.
After graduation Raf started working in TV and Film productions as lighting technician, best boy, AC and after a few years as gaffer.
An extensive work experience during the first 10 years of his career, was crucial for the Cinematographer he became today.
In 1998 he started his first project as DOP, the beautiful series ‘Deman’
about a lawyer practice. One year later the award winning ‘Dead End’ was shot and changed his life and career forever.
Today besides DOP work for various productions he is teaching cinematography at NARAFI to support new talent.

I’m interested to work as a camera operator, cinematographer or colorist
My main interests in productions are feature films and tv-series and documentary.
I’m willing to travel and discover wherever I’ll find the most interesting challenge.

On my Reel and Web-site you’ll find and see my work in more detail.
Don’t hesitate to contact me to see more of my work and experience.

Kind Regards,

Raf Claes SBC
Member of The Belgian Society of Cinematographers
Reel : https://vimeo.com/250069866

Current and Future Projects :
2019 : Soetendalsvlei Zuid Afrika
2019 : Sci FI Feature Film ; Mortal Guard Eternae : Canada
2019 : 1000 The Druid, the Sword and the Raven Feature Film : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5880374/


drama Reel DOP Raf Claes SBC
drama Reel DOP Raf Claes SBC


Mortal Guard Eternae 2017-2018
Les Héritiers de Patmos 2017
The Things we Face 2017
Altijd Prijs - TV Fictie Eyeworks 2015
Suddenly Real VS 2015
Patershol Dreams In Motion 2015
Familie TV Bastards 2013/2014
Ella, VTM, 2010/2011 DOP
Magic Dice, Commercial 2011 DOP
Dead End CDPLM Prod DOP
The Room CDPLM Prod DOP
M.A.N. Met Andere Normen Big Screen Junkie DOP
Sedes & Belli Menuet bvba DOP
Wittekerke D & D Productions DOP
Best Cinematography 'Dead End' filmfestival Cuba
Golden Award 'Commercial' 3D spot Defensie 21 juli
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